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지금 구매하면 2023년 9월 11일까지 상품을 생산 및 판매할 수 있습니다.

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Lisa Parker Arts

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Wolves, dragons, unicorn, witches, owls and of course black cats all with a little twist of magic!!Enter the world of Lisa Parker as she enchants us with her magical creations, Lisa has been delighting collectors worldwide with best selling artworks such as "The witching hour" which can be found on a multitude of magical merchandise across the globe from Europe to America, Russia, Australia, China, Chili, Mexico and more.Lisa Parker works with over 28 licensees currently and the list is growing, from Zippo lighters, Buffalo gifts, Caeco puzzles, Bicycle Card, Nemesis Now and much more!!...... Lisa is known in particular for her cats with a slightly darker edge. Each artwork creates its own narrative, needing no further explaination such as the "Spirits of Salem"

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